Inner Arts

The arts open the way into our inner worlds allowing the expression of the senses, intuition, emotions, and memories not always accessible.  The creation of art has a transforming effect, and offers wisdom for the creator.

The facilitator combines (or uses separately) art, movement, writing, guided imagery, and sometimes dramatic enactment.  The process is done simply and spontaneously, and can help to open creativity, and address personal issues.  Child-like drawings or abstract representation are most often utilized.  Guided imagery can assist with entry to the deeper levels of the mind/psyche. Creation of art may be combined with authentic movement and writing to further the process and bring it into the cognitive space.

Within each of us is a creative spirit, and although it is sometimes forgotten or feared, it is never lost.  We can awaken the creative spirit through the language of image and metaphor, and reconnect with the deeper aspects of ourselves–including the child inside.

Getting to know and healing that child inside is at the core of creativity, and personal and spiritual power.