Once upon a time, a little seed was buried in the earth, unhappy and afraid to sprout.  One day a Wise Worm came digging by and asked, “What is your purpose, seed?”  And because she was a seed and had no choice, she replied apprehensively, “To sprout, you mean?” “Yes!” said the Wise Worm wisely.  “That is your only purpose, and that is where happiness lies.”

This story is a metaphor for life and the seeds that are within us, both afraid and yearning to sprout.  The main seed in our inner gardens is our soul seed or the essence of who we truly are.  If we look at life as a spiritual and personal journey of growth and change, then we want to acknowledge our soul seed, and allow it to sprout.  We may also want to weed out the obstacles that no longer serve us, so that the seed may continue to grow above ground and into the light, thus fulfilling its purpose of wholeness.

Creative expression offers a way to nurture the seeds in our inner gardens by learning to be less critical and more loving with ourselves and thus, with others — gaining wisdom, you might say.  The healing sessions offered are done on a one-on-one basis and can be deeply connecting so that whatever has been troubling or confusing can be dissipated.

Please feel free to contact us for individual sessions that can be tailored to your needs.  You may also want to refer to the list of classes that are coming up.