Welcome to Inner Arts!

 Change is an “Inside Job.”

jodee4Hello, I’m  Jodee Merrill Smith, M.A.  

My passion for many years, has been to guide women in clearing the beliefs and mental concepts that keep them from experiencing self-acceptance, encouraging them to be all they can be and helping to find the connection to the Divinity within.  This is done through wisdom teachings, mindfulness, art, writing and imagery.

What Are the Inner Arts?

Inner art implies connecting with the inner world of emotions, childhood programing, intuition and the senses of color, shape and texture and then expressing this spontaneously with pastels, collage or clay.  The art we make is an inner process rather than a focus on making an art piece.  What we  ultimately want to do is to make our lives our work of art.  There are no right or wrong ways.

My Inner Child Work

My years of working with individuals and groups has taught me the tremendous importance of uncovering, embracing and re-parenting the inner child, the child inside, in a safe and nurturing environment.  Why? Because this child holds the key to our true selves and living our lives joyfully.  This child exists in us all on an energetic level whether we know it or not.  “She” is why we sometimes feel stuck in certain negative patterns and emotional reactions, why we may be afraid to do certain things and why we may not feel creative.  I see her as the “wounded child”of many different ages that needs healing.  We also have an “essence child”, the one we came into this life as and who we truly are. When we connect with her, we connect with the Divinity within ourselves.

This is a major part of what goes on in these classes and workshops. Class size is kept small so that people can bond, and feel safe in being heard.  Individual sessions are also available and recommended as a way to accelerate awareness and growth.

I focus my practice currently in Chico, CA, and will soon be offering classes and sessions in Albuquerque NM.

Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a session or class with Jodee at Inner Arts.